who we are

We are a team of sound lovers. We specialize in creative sound design and music production for animation, videography, podcasting, films, games, apps, and other industries.

At Lineout studio, we help our clients tell their stories and our language is sound.

Our goal is breath-taking sound design for every project we work on.


Mark Shvedov

Co-owner, sound supervisor, sound designer, composer

Mansura Kosatova

Co-owner, client manager, sound designer

Serhii Steblynenko

Composer, sound engineer


Professional singer, composer

mission & vision

We are audio fans to the bone. We believe that sound design is the entire world and we strive to learn its every aspect.

We are sure of huge impact the sound has on people’s perception. Being the key to inner feelings and emotions, sound is no less important than visuals in any media and art project.

We know that sound matters and we know how to make brands sound different.

life & work moments

Some of our clients