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At Lineout studio, we are so obsessed with the idea that great visuals need great sound that we decided to do it for free!

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to get professional sound design for your video, animation, game or app for free.

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  • Professional creative sound design for your project
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  • Royalty free for commercial use

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  • An opportunity to work on an interesting project
  • A great case for our portfolio
  • Earn some karma points 🙂

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Who we are

Lineout studio is a team of sound lovers, we specialize in creative sound design and music production for any types of projects.

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  1. Submit the form below and tell us about your project as much as you can. 
  2. We will never share the information you provide with anyone.
  3. The offer is open until Dec 31, 2018.
  4. We’ll choose the project(s) that we liked the most and let all participants know of the decision by Jan 7, 2019.
  5. We’ll contact the leaders and discuss their projects in details.
  6. We’ll make sound design based on our creative vision.
  7. If you like the result and decide to use our sound, we’ll add your project to our portfolio
  8. We’ll ask you to mention us in project credits.

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